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Roman Days

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Market / Fair

Exciting highlight for the visitors of the Roman days in the Villa Borg: The fighters of the gladiator school Trier e. V. provide insights into ancient tactics and technology. They show the difference between show and real fight - between "Hollywood" and reality. Following their presentations, courageous visitors can join in and take part in the training of the "ancient" gladiators. You can fight with a net and sword on a pole under guidance, as well as ask questions about ancient martial arts. During various training exercises, visitors learn what it means to be a gladiator ...

In addition to the fighters of the gladiator school, many other "Romans" are out and about on the grounds of the Roman Villa Borg on both days: Warlike legionnaires, bargaining traders and skilled craftsmen set up camp and present the ancient way of life. On both days, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., all participants show life in Roman times in all its facets.

The authentically equipped gladiators demonstrate - as in antiquity - "playing with death" and fight hard for victory. The Roman army displays its impressive military power. The peaceful everyday life of the legions can be seen and experienced in addition to the military aspects as well as civilian life, antique crafts, fashion, cooking and cult. The craftsmen revive ancient handicraft techniques with their tools, such as forging, shoemaking, bow making, cooking, baking, hairdressing, laying mosaics and weaving. The traders offer the typical goods for sale at their stands.

The kitchens of the tavern offer culinary delights à la Apicius throughout the two days.