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Roman delicacies

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Flamingo tongue, camel’s heel or fried dormice are widespread clichés of Roman cuisine. Liquamen, the spicy sauce made from fermented fish, has also long been falsely interpreted.
You can enjoy just how tasty and sophisticated Roman cuisine really was with our “Roman delicacies”. In the elegant banqueting hall of the villa urbana a set meal of several courses (following Apicius’ original recipes dating from the 1st century BC) will be served. Smoked sausages spiced with pine nuts are on the menu, which also includes vegetables, fish from the Danube, and various types of meat. In between courses you can take a peek into the Roman kitchen and watch while the dishes are being prepared.

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3/10/24/31 August 2019
18.30 p.m. - 23.00 p.m.
Roman City Quarter, villa urbana 
€ 95,- per person

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