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Roman Festival

Organised by
the Netherlands

Dozens of Roman legionnaires, members of the British-Dutch group Legio Secvnda Avgvsta, come to Archeon and make their camp. They are joined by artisans, women, slaves and children. During the festival many additional demonstrations and activities are programmed.

Roman life
Life along the Limes, the border of the Roman Empire, offers many opportunities. There is construction and trade. The local economy is thriving. Are the natives happy with that? Not that much. They talk about slavery, thus, the Roman politician Pliny. The Roman historian Tacitus goes one step further: "You come here only if it is your homeland."
Fortunately the Romans from Legio Secvnda Avgvsta think quite differently about this. They come every year to the Archeon Roman Festival.

Roman army
There are a lot of Roman officers, soldiers and auxiliaries. With a full camp and a lot of Roman stuff. The Roman legionaries prepare a large encampment with officers' quarters and army tents. A group of Celts has its 'own' home. They serve the Romans, but retain their own culture. The soldiers give daily demonstrations in the arena. They present their skills in their camp.

Roman citizens
Women often have to provide their own maintenance. They work as a painter, running a restaurant, as midwife and even as a gladiator. Some women are lucky: they come from a wealthy family. The festival showcases crafts, there is a hospital and restaurant.