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Ukrainian Medieval Culture Festival 'TuStan!'

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
Organised by
Tustan Reserve

Master classes, fights, horse riders, songs and dances - will allow you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the Middle Ages!

For many years in a row in the charming place of the Carpathians, at the foot of ancient Tustan, a fortress and customs of the IX-XVI centuries, one of the most powerful festivals of medieval culture "Tu Stan!" is held.

Visitors and participants will be able to take part in different workshops – pottery, cooking, battle training forges, history lectures, weaving on berdo, leather handcrafting…

The format of the camp is ideal for those who love history, because the action is powerful in its energy, brings the fortress back to life and completely erases the time limits, immerses visitors in the mystique of legends!

Visit Tustan! Feel the power of the rocks!