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Vounous International Terracotta Symposium

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Organised by
Çatalköy Municipality

This year, the 4th Vounous International Terracotta Symposium takes place in Vounous - Çatalköy-Girne, Cyprus. Topic is the reproduction of Early-Middle and Bronze age Vounous ceramics with the primitive creating and kilning techniques in the ateliers formed in a Cyprus Bronze Age replica Village. 

The aim is to reproduce the replicas of the terracotta artefacts of Vounous smuggled to foreign countries and to publicly exhibit in Çatalköy. It is also to promote these artefacts, teach the techniques, to publicize the cultural heritage of Çatalköy by encouraging the production and to help the preservation of our cultural heritage. 

Head of the Project is Rauf Ersenal. The coordinator is Derman Atik. Art Consultants: Cumhur Deliceırmak, Şenol Özdevrim


  • Experimental ceramic practices
  • Making Vounous ceramics with the primitive techniques
  • Preparation of Vounous clay
  • Giving a form to Vounous clay
  • Drawing the patterns
  • Polishing
  • Undercoating
  • Drying
  • Firing in wood fire kilns
  • Acknowledgement of the participants about the history of Vounous and the area of Çatalköy
  • Visiting the museums
  • Academic presentations
  • Bronze smelting


  • To revitalise and promote the historical culture of Cyprus; 
  • To enrich and develop the interest on cultural heritage of Cyprus;
  • To create opportunity for young researchers to work with experimental archaeology and Professional ceramic artists and to have experience; 
  • To explore reconstruction and to promote the production of antique ceramic.


Anyone who has set one’s heart to the cultural heritage of Cyprus and wants this heritage to be protected and handed down to future generations can attend this symposium. Everyone who wants to produce ceramics with ceramic experts can attend the workshops within certain programmes. Participation is free.