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Workshop: Introduction to Bone Carving

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Animal bones are one of the oldest raw materials used by humans. Devices and decorative objects have been made from this natural material since the Paleolithic period right up to the very recent past. Bone was probably mostly used as a substitute for the more noble and robust ivory or antler, which are much harder or tougher but more difficult to obtain. 

 The bone finds that stand out from the Starigard/Oldenburg finds are a small crucifix from a child's grave and two reliquary boxes from the 10th and 11th centuries covered with decorated bone plates. In our workshop, however, we will focus on smaller projects that will help us get to know the raw material bone and its processing.

Garment or needle-binding needles, as well as small amulets, can be made entirely according to your own wishes during the course.

Cutting and processing with a saw, knife and file or simply decorating with circular eye drills are techniques that we will get to know. For fans of the early Middle Ages there will also be some inspiration templates based on archaeological finds. 

Since no one wants to stress at the weekend, we hold our workshop in the usual relaxed atmosphere with a cup of coffee or tea. The crafting itself offers plenty of opportunity for a nice chat with the course leader and the other participants. 

Due to limited number of participants, we ask that you register in advance.

Date:  Saturday, December 9th, 2023, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m
Location:  Seminar room in the reception building of the Wallmuseum
Course fee:  €15 / person (including materials and food)

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