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Workshop: Woven Skin-on-Frame Boat

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Before the invention of metal tools, hominids had utilised stone, bone and antler tools for millenia to undertake relatively complex carpentry tasks. Here in Somerset we are fortunate to have some of the best preserved Neolithic wooden archaeology in Britain, surviving in our peat bogs out on the Levels.

This completely bespoke project will take you back to early prehsitory and introduce you to the stone age tools and techniques used in green woodworking and construction with an aim of creating several almost unique artefacts in the 21st century; Woven Skin-on-Frame Boats. The aim will be to build two larger curragh-stlye boats and two smaller corracles, experimenting with both natural raw-hide coverings and more modern canvas-type coverings. 

We will take you through how to fell trees with flint, copper and bronze axes, the merits of using different timbers for different jobs, methods of splitting planks (without metal) and how to cut out basic joints with prehistoric chisels and axes. We'll also show you the different ways of hafting and how to repair/remake your tools to make sure they stay effective.

This will be an immersive prehistoric experience, giving you a once in a lifetime chance to be part of a Neolithic & Bronze Age carpentry team.

The project will take place in different sites either in Somerset or Devon, supervised by our experienced tutors, with extensive backgrounds in experimental archaeology and ancient woodworking. It will be led by Archaeological Craftsman Marc Cox and Tim Gent; archaeologist and one of the Britain's leading canoe experts. 

All meals, around the fire, will be brought and shared potluck style by those attending. 

The project will run over a series of Saturdays &/or Sundays in March 2024.

Day One (03/03): Coppicing and harvesting materials using prehistoric tools
Day Two: Hewing and working wood to create the structural components and paddles
Day Three: Weaving the frame and applying the covering 
Day Four: Final touches & Launch

All tools and materials provided. Absolutely no experience necessary.

The price per day works out at £40-£60. For those unable to commit for the full four days, please email us ( and we can work out something to suit your needs.