Experimental Archaeology and the Sustainability of Dental Calculus Research: The Case of Chocolate and the Nuns Of S. Maria Della Stella’s Church, Saluzzo, Italy

Sarah Sandron 1 ✉,
Anita Radini 2,
Dominique Scalarone 3,
Beatrice Demarchi 1,
Rosa Boano 1,
Alison Beach 4,
Cynthianne Spiteri 1
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In Italy, chocolate (Theobroma cacao L.) was introduced during the Columbian exchange, and it quickly became both an important and accessible part of the Italian culinary tradition. Today, Italy is Europe’s second-largest chocolate producer...

Discussion: Food - Reconstruction and the Public

Thit Birk Petersen 1 ✉,
Aidan O’Sullivan 2,
John Majerle 3,
Gary Ball 4,
Edwin Deady 5,
Torsten Neuer 6,
Miika Vanhapiha 7,
Darell Markewitz 8,
Olaf Trollheimsfjord 9,
Vicky Shearman 10,
Del Elson 11,
Daniel Serra 12
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For a BBC program in 1954, Sir Mortimer Wheeler tasted a reconstruction of the Tollund Man’s last supper, which turned out to be a tasteless mush. This led him to announce: "I believe that the poor chap of Tollund committed suicide because he could stand his...