Supplying someone with food; the goodness obtained from the food.

Drying Meat Today as During the Late Glacial Period

Edoardo Ratti 1 ✉,
Valeria Cosma 2
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Western Europe during the Upper Palaeolithic, between 42,000 years ago and 12,000 years ago, was sparsely wooded, but later there was an increase in the percentage of specimens of birch, abies, fagus and tilia hosting wildlife similar to that already present during the Middle Palaeolithic. With the recent phase, starting from 24,000 years ago, humans in this territory become specialized...

What did they eat at the Crannogs in Scotland (UK)?

We have found traces of spelt and emmer wheat on site and barley. Also, a wide range of nuts and berries, including cloud-berry, raspberry, strawberry, brambles, sloes and wild cherries. Hazelnuts are in great abundance. Wild carrots, wild cabbages, wild garlic and thyme, and meat from domestic animals such as sheep and cow. Butter and cheese were found, but So far no fish bones have been found, but we have net weights.