Book Review: Fish Leather Tanning and Sewing by Lotta Rahme and Dag Hartman

Danny Honig 1
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Judging from the extensive bibliography in this book, little to no literature exists on fish leather tanning in English. A quick Google and Amazon search reveals that a good general book on leather tanning includes at least one chapter on fish, reptile and other "alternative" skins...

Kierikkikeskus / Kierikki Stone Age Centre (FI)

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Kierikki Stone Age Centre is the biggest Stone Age Centre in Finland. It is located 55 kilometres NE from Oulu, the biggest city in Northern Finland, on the banks of the Iijoki river.

The archaeological exhibition at the Kierikki Stone Age Centre displays objects from the Stone Age. In addition, activity programs in the reconstructed Stone Age Village offer a unique opportunity to experience life as it was lived thousands of years ago...