Book Review: Crafting in the World, Materiality in the Making by Burke and Spencer-Wood

Linda Anderson 1
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Archaeologists dream of books with comprehensive coverage that address specific gaps in knowledge and at the same time address theoretical issues and newer concerns about the nature of craft in a direct method. Editors Burke and Spencer-Wood fulfil this by discussing the world of craft...

Obituary: Peter Kelterborn (4 July 1928 – 9 March 2017)

Kurt Altorfer 1
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On 9 March 2017, Peter Kelterborn, Swiss civil engineer and experimental archaeologist closed his eyes for good at the age of 89. He was known to many of his colleagues through his well-researched works on prehistorical flint and rock technology, but also from his methodological scientific experiments in archaeology. Many cherished him as a modest and thoughtful colleague, friend and counsellor...


An idea or explanation which has not yet been proven.
Definition source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

Discussion: Experimental versus Experiential Archaeology

Edwin Deady 1,
E. Giovanna Fregni 2 ✉,
Alexander Stewart 3,
Tine Schenck 4,
Chris Thomas 5,
Kate Verkooijen 6,
Sonja Natus 7,
Merryn Dineley 8
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This is an extract from a lengthy and lively Facebook discussion in the Experimental Archaeology group, illustrating the main points as it took place between 16 August 2014 and 22 August 2014. The full discussion can be found at:

Crafting the Past: Theory and Practice of Museums

Katherine Ambry Linhein Muller 1
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How do we know something is real? We say something exists when it is tangible and we can touch it; it is factual when we can compare it to other known variables, and historic when it fulfils our expectation of the past. There are objects and activities that blur these categories and cause people to accept alternative histories...