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Registration Form for Institutional Members

You intend to become Institutional Member of EXARC, which we greatly appreciate. We are looking forward to having you in our circles, both in person and on line. If you would learn to know us at one of our meetings, you will have some colleagues to fall back upon in your daily work. Some of us might bring you good ideas, or make you see things in perspective, and that will be likewise when you share your experience with them.

Below you will find a Registration Form. A good image of what is happening across the globe and at what scale, is a starting point for strategies, both for EXARC itself, its members, as well as politicians and others involved in our work.

Please keep in mind, that filling our Registration Form will take some considerable time, and you need to have all info by hand, to be able to complete all in one go. We do appreciate your effort.

Please check our fees before you register.

Postal Address
If NOT please fill the Visiting Address field
Your Organisation
As activities we mean: research programmes, demonstrations et cetera with experimental archaeology, public archaeology, (re)constructions of buildings, living history or other activities, relevant to EXARC.
For EXARC website
We request 2 – 3 pictures characterising your organisation or activities, so we can add a page about you to our Members section. You can upload GIF, JPG or PNG, maximum size 800kb.
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You can upload GIF, JPG or PNG, maximum size 800kb.
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