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EuroREA 6/2009

EuroREA 6/2009
© EXARC, 2009
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In the sixth issue (all articles are available as PDF):

Archaeology and craftsmanship (PDF)
DISCUSSION - Bruce Bradley (UK), Tine Schenck (NO), Wulf Hein (DE), Walter Fasnacht (CH), Harald Høgseth (NO)

Die kommunikative Verantwortung archäologischer Freilichtmuseen: Ein Beitrag zur Diskussion (PDF)
DISCUSSION - Rüdiger Kelm (De)

Images of the Past: illustrating and imagining archaeology (PDF)
DISCUSSION - Gordon Thomas (SC)

Prehistory in school didactics (PDF)
EDUCATION - Antonio Affuso, Ada Preite (IT)

Experiencing archaeology and interpretation: The educational program at the Terramara of Montale (Italy) (PDF)
EDUCATION - Ilaria Pulini, Cristiana Zanasi (IT)

Roseldorf rekonstruiert: Ein keltischen Heiligtums entsteht in Asparn an der Zaya (PDF)
ITEMS - Ernst Lauermann (AU)

Les techniques d’allumage du feu des origines a nos jours (PDF)
ITEMS - Faustine Sappa, Bertrand Roussel (FR)

The archaeology of taste: Gargilius Martialis’s Garum (PDF)
ITEMS - Lara Comis, Corrado Re (IT)

From Bucchero to grey ware in the Po valley: experimenting with the importance of firing (PDF)
ITEMS - Roberto Deriu (IT)

Experimental metallurgical process in a slag pit bloomery furnace (PDF)
ITEMS - Miroslaw Karbowniczek, Wladyslaw Weker, Ireneusz Suliga (PL)

A new look at experimental ironmaking (PDF)
ITEMS - Arne Espelund (NO)

News from EXARC (PDF)
REPORTS - Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

Reconstructing an early iron age habitat at Saharna-Þiglãu on the middle Dniester (PDF)
REPORTS - Andrei Nicic (MD)

Conference world (PDF)
REPORTS - Caroline Jeffra (UK), Roeland Paardekooper (NL), Clara Masriera Esquerra (CAT), Jodi Reeves Flores (UK)

Rebuilding Dutch Megalith burial tombs (PDF)
REPORTS - Maarten Eysink Smeets (NL)

Interview with John Coles: Reflecting on experimental archaeology (PDF)
INTERVIEW - Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

Reviews (PDF)
   “Know thyself” A Scandinavian idea conquers the world
   Archaeology and Education / L’archéologie et l’éducation

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