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Archäotechnica: Stone Age in Europe

Kind of Event

From the appearance of the first hominids to sedentary farming life, the Stone Age is an epoch of superlatives. Reason enough to dedicate a separate ARCHÄOTECHNICA to this chapter of human history. We have therefore invited numerous international performers and scientists to help us get in touch with life during the European Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Demonstrations will include the processing of plant fibres, animal skins and flint, the production of ceramics and early metal objects as well as the construction of megalithic tombs. Cave art, sumptuous female statuettes and early musical instruments shed light on the artistic side of our ancestors.

We not only encounter Neanderthals, reindeer hunters and Ötzi, but also Stone Age artefacts from the state of Brandenburg and relics from the last Ice Age.

Hands-on activities for children, an entertaining daily programme and the traditional fashion show will complete the event.

Catering for visitors is also provided.