Calendar of Events

EAD23 in Parco Archeologico Didattico del Livelet

Kind of Event
Guided Tour

A day to learn about the prehistory of the valley.

10.00-18.00 guided tours of the stilt houses
9.00 and 13.30 ARCHEOTREKKING, walk on the shores of Lake Lago until you reach the Archaeological Excavation of Colmaggiore di Tarzo, where researchers from the University of Ferrara await you (3 hours, by reservation).
10.00-17.00 demonstration of ancient technology: FROM CLAY TO CERAMICS with prehistoric techniques
11.00 OPENING OF THE KILN and extraction of terracotta vases
14.00-17.00 APPRENTICE CERAMIST laboratory

In collaboration with NaturalMente Guide, ReLacus, University of Ferrara and archaeotechnicians Giulia Conte and Daniele War.

In case of bad weather, demonstration activities postponed to July 2nd, walks cancelled.