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EAD24 at Araisi Ezerpils Archaeological Park

Kind of Event

Celebrating the European Archaeology Day's every June has become a tradition in Āraiši Archaeological Park, and this year is no exception. Continuing the well-established cooperation from the previous years, this year the events will again be organized together with the Latvian Association of Archaeologists, that unites more than 80 professional archaeologists and enthusiasts and is the largest professional organisation of its kind in Latvia. Everyone will be welcome at Āraiši Archaeological Park on the 15th of June from 12 to 17 PM for free entry!

This year the main location for activities is going to be the experimental archaeology zone in Meitu island - archaeologists will demonstrate Stone Age tools and technologies, offering visitors to take part both in the process of making the tools and also trying them out practically. There will be a chance to try out polishing a stone axe, fixing it to a shaft and using it to chop wood. There will be demonstrations of how to produce Stone Age glue from resin, charcoal and wax and use it to fasten flint tools into handles and a stone axe into its shaft, as well as using the produced tools for working with wood. Visitors will be able to try out drills of different constructions for drilling holes as well as making fire. Other activities will include grinding grain with a stone grinder and there will also be an archaeological ceramics expert showing how hand-made pottery was produced - from making the clay mass with additives to forming a vessel and decorating it with imprints. The youngest Stone Age enthusiasts will be offered a chance to construct their own Stone Age hut together with the Archaeological Park's staff.