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Fishskin tanning workshop

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the Netherlands

Did you ever want to make leather our of a fishskin?

It is possible! During this 1 day workshop we will work on a salmonskin. We will use the fat-tanning method; one of the oldest methods to turn a raw skin into a nice piece of leather. It is not easy and takes time, but it's really worth it! The leather will be beautiful, strong and durable.

You will work with 3 fishskins, and hope to finish 2 of them. You can take the 3rd one home to finish it there. Of course you keep the rest of the skins too ;)

Workshop Info:

Date:          18 may 2019
Duration:   10 -17
Location:    Middengaarde, Nieuwegein (the netherlands)

Max spots:  8
For:              Beginners and advanced
Tutor:           Niels Scherpenzeel

Price:          € 87,50 (Incl. lunch)