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Herbal Course: Smoking Herbs

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Guided Tour

Smoking at this time of year is a tradition of many centuries, but in our fast-moving times it has been forgotten. Let’s take a step back and reflect on this special period. We would like to sit down together during this time according to the motto:'Sitz di nieder, gib a Ruah, horch dir selber amol zua'.

We discuss the 4 most important 'Raunächte' and the herbs and resins that can be used for smoking. Of course, customs and legends are not neglected on this evening.

I look forward to seeing you all

Andrea Wolf
Certified herb guide, mentor for gardens and nature

Please bring: warm clothes, seat cushions, and a small towel.
Price per person: 17 €, including admission and material

Binding registration at: or 09635-9249975