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Introduction to Tablet Weaving

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Leader: Jörg Korte
Participation: from 16 years
Course size: 3- 6 participants
Cost: € 70.00

Tablet weaving is a textile technique for weaving ribbons. It has a long and exciting history. The technology was rediscovered in Europe by comparing ethnological collections with archaeological finds over 100 years ago. Since then, it has been a popular technique in textile design and part of the analysis of preserved textile finds. This historical technique is learned by creating a twill weave. In addition, the participants learn theory and historical background, but of course practice is not neglected.

The offer includes cards, a shuttle made of plastic and material (wool) for an exercise band.

Bring check paper, colored pencils, a pencil for drawing, as well as an eraser and a belt. Please also remember to bring some food.

Photo: Jörg Korte