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Journeys in Time - The Village of Prince Mieszko

Kind of Event
Market / Fair

This is the medieval part of our series "Travel in time", this time to the  dawn of Polish statehood, to the time of  Mieszko I. We will move back a thousand years and see what life was like at the time. We will watch the potters' work, look into the smithy, where the smith by the hearth and the anvil produces iron objects, we will check what the process of making clothes looks like - spinning threads, dyeing and weaving. In the village we will also meet warriors who will watch over its safety and that the right amount of goods will reach the nearby princely castle. A visit to the village will be an opportunity to learn about old cuisine and tasting of early medieval dishes. Those willing will be able to try their hand at various activities, and the youngest will be delighted to participate in competitions with interesting prizes.