Calendar of Events

Living History Day


The neolithic inhabitants of the pile dwellings come back to tell how it was THE EVERYDAYLIFE ON THE LAKE SHORE 6000 YEARS AGO. You can meet hunters, artisans, shepherds and farmers engaged in their activities, have a chat with them and take part in the village everyday life.

Thanks to the guests of the "VIIII Legio Cultural Association" you can also enter a ROMAN CAMP and meet the legionaries.


10 am - 6 pm Neolithic re-enactment in the pile-dwelling reconstructed village
10 am - 6 pm Roman Era re-enactment in the park gardens (VIIII Legio)
11 am -12 am workshop PLOT WITH VEGETAL MATERIALS
 2 pm - 3 pm workshop SONE POLISHING
 4 pm - 5 pm workshop CLAY-PARTY