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From March 18, 2023, the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach will be showing the special exhibition CELTS. The term "Celts" has always stimulated people's imagination. From antiquity to the present day, they have been portrayed as fearsome warriors, "noble savages", skilled craftsmen or custodians of secret knowledge. But which ideas meet the truth and what emerges from the world of assumptions and legends? Thanks to modern archaeological research, a detailed picture of the living conditions of the Celts can be drawn: Experience like never before how the life of the people who populated Lower Austria more than 80 generations ago was shaped. "CELTS" conveys a new picture of everyday life on the basis of numerous extraordinary archaeological finds,

The Celts are fascinating! Even today tales about the Celts abound, but which ones are true and which ones can be consigned to the realm of mythology. Greeks and Romans used the terms "Celts" or "Gauls" for groups they considered to be “barbarians”. But were they really barbarians? In 2023 the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach is shining a light on an extraordinary culture with its CELTS exhibition. Focusing on everyday life, art and rituals, the show gives us an understanding of the world in which the Celts lived, tells individual life stories and refutes common clichés.

The opening will take place on March 17th 6 p.m.

Lots of activities on the first weekend of the new exhibition

Visitors can look forward to a full programme: guided tours of the new exhibition will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Pieces of jewelry made of copper wire can also be made as special keepsakes under supervision. And if you want to capture your visit dressed as a Celt, there is a photo point in the exhibition.

Attention lucky children: There are great prizes to be won in the competition!

Guided tours: 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Cost per person: € 4,-

The exhibition will run from March 18th - November 26th 2023.