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Summer Camp Everyday Life of Prehistoric People, Borovik

Organised by
Tomislav Ivančić

Now traditionally experimental archaeology workshop is organised on Borovik lake. This third in a row workshop is organised by TI Experimental Archaeology and Association for popularisation of archaeology, ZipArh.

The main theme of this years workshop will be food. What is it that humans had to get trough to get that meal necessary for survival in conditions that nature gave him. We'll present to You examples of providing, cooking and baking of food through periods of mesolithic and neolithic.

This years experimental archaeology workshop brings You some completely new  things. This year You'll discover how humans in prehistory ate. How much effort did he need to procure and prepare of his food and which tools did he use for that purpose. Which ceramics did they make and bake so they could cook their food and which weapons did he use for hunting. Also, this year brings You festival way of workshop. Every day we'll have several groups which will be thematically dressed in neolithic clothes and will show to You how flint tools where made, how cetamics where made and how bone tools where made. As a cherry on the pie one of presentators every day of workshop will present to You how people in prehistory made wooden bow, this time completely with stone tools. By him there will be target where You can try Your shooting skills with the bow. Also this year there will be presentation of fire starting on primitive way. By all workshops there will also be two stands, on one of them bone, flint, shell and other materials artefacts and on the other the food that humans ate.
How You would support our cause, visit us on lake Borovik where we'll be on camp area, and will enter for that four days in August in prehistoric world.