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Traces of Usewear on Prehistoric Tools

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A lecture by Prof. Dr. Annelou van Gijn. Her research focuses on prehistoric technology, ancient crafts and the reconstruction of the cultural biography of objects using experimental archeology and microscopy. She is one of the leading specialists in microwear and as such participates in several international projects.

The Hunebedcentrum in Borger has organized a number of successful lecture series on archaeological topics in recent years. This year the series is organized in collaboration with the Groninger Institute for Archeology  (GIA), the Netherlands Archeology Association Northern Netherlands  (AWN) and the Drenthe Prehistoric Association  (DPV).

'Archaeology from a Microperspective' is the overarching theme. Anyone who thinks that archaeologists only have their noses in the books is wrong. The possibilities are increasing and methods and analyzes are widely used in laboratories. Sometimes it is the clues of the smallest size, often not visible to the naked eye, that change the current state of archeology. This lecture series examines four methods in which archeology is viewed from a micro perspective.  

Lecture in Dutch.