Book Review: Draft Animals in the Past, Present and Future by Claus Kropp and Lena Zoll (eds)

Rena Maguire 1
Publication Date
The domestication and subsequent training of strong animals to pull vehicles was a game changer for humans. Just like the first person who jumped onto a horse and hung on as they veered giddily towards a new horizon, driving and draft meant that humans got places faster – goods could be stored in a vehicle for longer journeys, trade goods became more than what a human could carry on their backs...

Pit Preserve from Ida – on the Problem of Charred Seeds from Prehistoric Pits

Lutz Zwiebel 1
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The whys and hows of surviving plant macro-remains from the beginnings of agriculture onwards is a central question in the understanding of early sedentary economies. The vast majority of archaeological macro-remains consists of cereal grains, often described as charred. The research presented here repeats charring experiments with a variety of modern seed samples and ...

The Creation of an Experimental Camp of Protohistory at the Iberian Settlement of Estinclells (Verdú, Urgell, Catalonia)

Jordi Morer De Llorens 1,
Ramon Cardona Colell 2 ✉,
Conxita Ferrer Alvarez 2,
Cristina Garcia Dalmau 2,
Josep Pou Vallès 3,
David Asensio I Vilaró 1,
Oriol Saula I Briansó 4,
Natàlia Alonso Martínez 3
Publication Date
The idea to create the Experimental Camp of Protohistory (CEP) emerged in late 2009. It was set up in a field adjacent to the Iberian Culture settlement of Estinclells (Verdú, Urgell), an archaeological site with only one phase of occupation that offers an exceptional portrait of life in the third century BC...