Keep it in your own Backyard: New Experimental Perspectives on Domestic Iron Age Lithic Industries in the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula

María José Martínez Gonzales 1,
Martín Emilio Cuenca Fernández 1 ✉,
Borja Rey Seoane 2
Publication Date
11th EAC Trento 2019
***Both knapped and polished lithic industries have traditionally been given great regard within the archaeological studies of northwestern Iberian Peninsula, mostly focusing on their typologies and the materials used. However, this has not been the case with other stone objects, such as rolling stones, that tend to appear in...


The shaping of flint, chert, obsidian or other hard material by means of soft percussion, hard percussion or flaking to shape the stone into a tool, decoration or otherwise.

Stone Tools of Shetland: Experimental Felsite Project

Brendan O’Neill 1 ✉,
Bernard Gilhooly 1,
Gabriel Cooney 1
Publication Date
8th UK EA Conference Oxford 2014
***The Shetland Islands are the northernmost part of Britain, located northeast of the Orkney Islands and Scottish mainland. Similar to other locations in northwest Europe, during the Neolithic Period (4000-2500 cal BC) suitable lithic sources were exploited for use in the production of stone axes and other artefacts...

Book Review: The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making: from Origin to Modern Experimentation by Pierre M. Desrosiers (editor)

Justin Pargeter 1,2
Publication Date

There are few issues in lithic studies that have captured the imagination and attention of researchers as much as laminar (blade) technologies (see Bar-Yosef & Kuhn 2009). This has resulted in a rich and detailed body of academic work partly reflected in Pierre M. Desrosiers’ (Ed.) The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making: From Origin to Modern Experimentation...

Conference Review: 8th Spanish Experimental Archaeology Workshop

Javier Baena Preysler 1
Publication Date
During the penultimate week of September a new Experimental Archaeology Workshop was held in the city of Caspe (Zaragoza, Sain). Organised by several institutions, including the Fundación Fernando El Católico, the City Hall of Caspe, the University of Zaragoza and the Diputación of Aragón, this was the...

Kierikkikeskus / Kierikki Stone Age Centre (FI)

Member of EXARC

Kierikki Stone Age Centre is the biggest Stone Age Centre in Finland. It is located 55 kilometres NE from Oulu, the biggest city in Northern Finland, on the banks of the Iijoki river.

The archaeological exhibition at the Kierikki Stone Age Centre displays objects from the Stone Age. In addition, activity programs in the reconstructed Stone Age Village offer a unique opportunity to experience life as it was lived thousands of years ago...