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40 Years of Experimental Archaeology

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For the past 40 years, the archaeological open-air site has been the scene of experimental archaeological research every year. Archaeologists and students at the University of Vienna carry out numerous archaeological experiments on topics such as prehistoric architecture, wood technology, ceramic production, textile techniques, bone and antler carving, as well as leather, fur and stone processing.

We have to celebrate this! Therefore, visitors can look forward to a reduced admission price of € 4, many experiments and exciting lectures on this day.


10:00 am Welcome
Mathias Mehofer, VIAS, HEAS, University of Vienna
Franz Pieler, State of Lower Austria
Christoph Mayer, MAMUZ

10:20 a.m. Franz Pieler
Stone tools in experimental archaeology

10:40 a.m. Ingrid Schierer
Experimental archeology in Asparn: Textile techniques included right from the start!

11:00 Beat Maria Pomberger
Musical Instruments in Experimental Bau

11:20 am Vera Albustin
The “Venus” from Falkenstein-Schanzboden: attempt at a reconstruction

11:40 Julia Budka Cooking
pots and andirons: New approaches to understanding Bronze Age cooking practices in Nubia (Sudan) through experimental archaeology

12:00 Hans Reschreiter
All about salt: 55 years of experimental research on Hallstatt salt mining

12:20 lunch break

12:50 Michael Konrad Viewed
superficially: A search for traces of prehistoric bronze artefacts

13:10 Michaela Fritzl
Rituals Matter: Experimental cremations based on the early urnfield model

13:30 Karina Grömer Textile
experiments at experimental cremations

13:50 Lukas Kerbler
Experiments on iron production and processing

14:10 Alexander Sieghartsleitner
About the welding of mail rings in an early medieval forge