Calendar of Events

Baltic Experimental Archaeology Summer School

Organised by
Society „Latvijas Arheoklubs”

A week long course will be held at Lucavsala Island, in Riga, Latvia. The Course will be taught by dr.hist. Artūrs Tomsons (flintknapping, early metalworking), lectures and and workshops on pottery (an artist Eva Liepiņa), ancient soap production (Māra Kalniņa and Daija Līdaka), history of textiles and ancient textile production (researcher Irita Žeiere and an artist Līva Kaprāle), nålebinding (folklorist Liene Kņaze), prehistoric ranged weapons  (biologist Ivo Dinsbergs), basics of modern survival (Paulīna Latsone / Latvian Scout and Guide central organization), fire making class (historian Atis Artmanis), fishing net making class (Lucia Ros, Netherlands) as well as introduction to blacksmithing (historian Aivars Siliņš) will be available to all interested.

The Summer School is open to college students and all interested enthusiasts.