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European Stone Festival 2020

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Europäisches Stein-Festival 2020 - Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule Freiburg

What is the European Stone Festival?

From 15 to 17 May 2020, we will be welcoming up to 130 stonemasons and stone carvers from all over the world to Freiburg where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and creativity to a wide audience.
Since the festival took place for the first time in the late nineties in Freiburg, it has grown in popularity and been hosted by many different European countries. The festival is taking place in Freiburg for the seventh time since 1999.
The Eschholz Park, with its shaded tree-lined alleys and the sculpture ‘Gartenschlauch’ by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, lies in close proximity to the college grounds to provide the perfect setting for the event.
The organiser of the festival in 2020 is the Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule, a vocational college in Freiburg
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The theme for the festival in 2020 is “900 years of stonemasonry and stone carving from the Middle Ages to the present day”. The theme is open to wide interpretation. The pieces will be auctioned on Sunday afternoon at the end of the festival.

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Apprentices, qualified stonemasons, stone carvers and master masons are asked to prepare sketches of their design to give the visitors a better insight into how a workpiece is realised in stone.

The material provided will be sandstone, with each block measuring 20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm.

Attractions for visitors to the festival

In addition to the opportunity to see the participants carving at close quarters, a wide variety of art and stonework will be presented, including demonstrations, exhibitions and supervised hands-on activities for both children and adults as well as a varied supporting programme.