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Gods, Ideas, Heroes

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National Institute of Archaeology

Hungarian Day of Archaeology

The Day of Archaeology is a traditional event of the archaeology profession all over Hungary, regardless of whether the programs are organised in local or county museums, or universities. The National Institute of Archaeology (Hungarian National Museum), as the flagship institution of archaeological activities, is planning to raise greater public interest for archaeology and to present its scientific results.

A great variety of programs target the widest possible spectrum of society from students to grown-ups, including guided tours to all archaeological exhibitions, “artefact petting”, metal detection in sandbox, experimental archaeology presentations (cooking, weaponry), costume show, the adventure game entitled “Adventures of Odysseus”, VR exhibition tour, and other amusements for kids. Besides these, thematic scientific lectures are held by our lead archaeologists in several topics
covering ideologies, myths, and heroes from the prehistoric period to the Roman age.

From this year on, we offer exclusive guided tours entitled the Museum Lunch Break, where our special visitors can experience a close-up presentation on three outstanding artefacts of the Hungarian Museum - the legendary Seuso treasure, the Bronze age hoard from Pidhorjany, Ukraine, and a rare Scythian quiver mount, in three unique venues of the museum. For more information,

Star performers, crafts fair, fast food trucks will create a festival atmosphere this year, all generations are welcome!