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International Traditional Archery Tournament

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On September 23 and 24, 2023, Historical Park will host the Fourth International Traditional Archery Tournament "Historical Park 2023".

For the first time this year, the main tournament will be preceded by a specific and separate "flight shooting" competition "Thracian Shooter 2023", which will be held on September 22 near the Park.

Shooters from traditional shooting clubs, as well as individual participants from Bulgaria and abroad, will take part in this large and already traditional tournament. The participants will measure their strength in shooting with different variants of traditional bows.

As official guests of the tournament, some of the most prominent competitors in the country and the world, researchers of traditional and intuitive shooting, as well as skilled craftsmen in the making of traditional bows will be invited.

For the unbiased reporting of the results and awarding of prize places, an authoritative panel of judges, broadcast by the Bulgarian Archery Federation, will be appointed.

The main tournament will be held over two competition days. Shooters will test their strength in various disciplines, such as: medieval revolving target "KITE FIGHTER", shooting at a traditional Ottoman target "Puta", discipline for long-range shooting 90 m., applied shooting at 3D targets, shooting from a boat, shooting at a slope from fortress wall, as well as shooting at various targets at different distances from 10 to 60 m. in a total of 18 disciplines.

The tournament is open and any fan of the art of archery who has previously declared his participation will be able to participate in it. The candidate must use a traditional bow without an arrow rest, only one "knock point" on the string, all grips are allowed, have at least 12 wooden arrows with a natural tip ("self nock") and traditional historical clothing . Triggers, sights, leveling devices, and any markings on the bow that can be used as a sight are prohibited.

The fee for participation in the tournament is BGN 60 for adults and BGN 30 for children and youth. 

Archers will compete in four groups - children up to and including 10 years old, youth up to and including 16 years old, women and men. Children up to 10 years of age shoot from closer distances and only they are allowed to use arrows with plastic tips.

Registration for the tournament is done online by requesting participation from the "Apply to participate" button below.

Applications for participation are accepted until 09/20/2023. Participants who have not declared their participation online and register for the tournament on the day of its holding, pay the full participation fee without meals included.

The prize fund of the tournament provides the host and organizer of the event - Historical Park. The park will aim to reward the work and skills of the best shooters and revivalists of this ancient and beautiful art. The winners in the different groups will receive prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, with cash prizes for men and women, and material prizes for children and youth. 

During the two competition days, Historical Park awaits thousands of guests, lovers of the history and culture of their ancestors, from Bulgaria and the whole world. All visitors will enjoy the ancient art and skills of archers.