Calendar of Events

Travelling Stoneworkers Meeting


From 10.5. until 26.5. in the history park the stone meeting of the journeymen (Wandergesellen) will take place. The stone meeting has been around for about 25 years and supports every year another social project or association.

To these meetings come mainly stone-processing trades such as stonemasons, masons and kiln constructors. Many other professions can also be seen, and if work is about to happen, they like to stay for a few days and help out. This year our journeymen will support us on our permanent construction site.
They will split granite stones and build walls with those, dig foundations, burn lime, make blacksmiths, make relief work, create tablets and smelt iron ore in a loam furnace.

The aim of this meeting is, on the one hand, the reunion and getting to know the traveling stoneworkers and, on the other hand, learning and trying out craft techniques. Visitors can look over the broad shoulders of the journeymen, exchange ideas with them and ask questions.