Digest 2017 Issue 1

© EXARC, 2017; ISSN: 2212-523X
Size: A4, 36 pages, full colour, circulation of 500

The spring 2017 Digest offers a choice of articles from EXARC Journal issues 2016/4 and 2017/1. One of the articles is The Gislinge Boat Open Source Project: An Old Boat and a New Idea. The Gislinge Boat Open Source Project was designed as a combination of maritime craftsmanship, experimental archaeological research, digital communication, education and outreach activities. In doing so it wanted to explore to what extent the public could be involved with the experimental archaeological boatbuilding process. The whole project was inspired by the open source concept: the idea that information and knowledge should be shared freely and openly, an ideal fully shared by EXARC. We are proud to have Dael and Sørensen from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde (DK) as one of our Keynote Lectures in Leiden (NL) at the 10th International Experimental Archaeology Conference, EAC10. 

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