Discussion: Heritage in Times of War - part 2

Oleksandr Didyk
Iryna Stasiuk
Evgeny Sinytsia
Maryan Ivanochko
The difficulties I face in my work are the same that all people in Ukraine live with: interruptions to the supply of electricity and communications and complicated logistics. This affects both education and causes difficulties in planning and holding public events. The biggest problem in terms of professional activity at the moment is the impossibility of ...

Conference Review: Europeana “Making Digital Culture Count” 2022

Caroline Jeffra
The Europeana 2022 conference on the theme “Making Digital Culture Count” was held 28-30 September 2022 in the Hague (NL) and online. The three day conference was filled with presentations and lively discussions on current initiatives, planned projects, and contemplating the future direction for Europeana and those using or contributing to it...

Discussion: Heritage in Times of War - part 1

Andriy Kotlyarchuk
Vladyslav Chabanyuk
Volodymyr Ilkiv
Andrij Petrauskas
Olga Postnikova
Publication Date
With the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, along with the preservation of the integrity of the state and the preservation of people's lives, the issues of preserving cultural heritage and national identification became acute. The museums and nature reserves that did not fall under the occupation did not stop working...

Living history on Dutch TV at last – the making of 'Het verhaal van Nederland'

Jaap Hogendoorn
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The project is called Het verhaal van Nederland (The story of the Netherlands), HVVNL for short. Its core is a series of ten TV episodes as well as ten pod-walks at different locations in the Netherlands. This is complemented by an online series for kids called Het verhaal van Nederland Histories, a series of podcasts about remarkable characters from Dutch history, a book, and an ...

Discussion: Inclusivity in historical interpretation: Who has access and who is erased?

Andrea Mariani
Sverre Christoffer Guldberg
Sophie Jorgensen-Rideout
Vera Bos
Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez
Publication Date
The discussion of ‘authenticity’ in living history has been one of the main themes since the conception of contemporary historical interpretation. Our quest for authenticity should, in my opinion start with a thoughtful discussion: What goal do we want to reach through living history?...

Ancient Technologies in Contexts of the Sustainable Development Goals

Kirsten Dzwiza
Publication Date
#EAC12 World Tour 2021
***The demand for innovative solutions to pressing ecological and societal challenges is on a constant rise. Ancient technologies provide extensive yet underutilized opportunities to help solve such problems. This paper presents three of these technologies and their successful application in modern contexts based on five illustrating case studies...

The Development of the 1st Cultural Exchange of Traditional Knowledge and Experimental Practices of the Peruaçu River Basin

Ana Carolina Brugnera
Lucas Bernalli Fernandes Rocha
Publication Date
Located in the North of Minas Gerais the Peruaçu National Park’s contains much of the fauna and flora of the second most devastated biome in Brazil, the Cerrado. The Park also incorporates geological formations and one of the most important archaeological sites from the state: rock paintings made by ancient indigenous groups dated 12,000 BP. Twenty-one years after the creation of this...

Art in the Serra: Project of Heritage Experiences in the Territory of the Serra Da Capivara National Park (BR)

Jorlan da Silva Oliveira
Publication Date
In 2013 a team of researchers in collaboration with the community in the municipality of Coronel José Dias, around Serra da Capivara National Park, Piauí-Brazil, created the Olho D 'Água Institute and since then has been developing research and didactic experiments with the communities. The project entitled Arte na Serra aims to engage communities...

Event Review: “I Experiment so I Participate” Italian Experimental Archaeology Festival: Experience in Didactics and Scientific Dissemination

M. Massussi
S. Tucci
A. Sciancalepore
R. Laurito
Publication Date
11th EAC Trento 2019
***Participation in archaeology is the basic “inclusive process” of a human community, which allows it to identify its cultural values. Experimental archaeology with its rediscovery of gestures and techniques allows re-appropriation, a sense of belonging and ...