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Archäotechnica: Nutrition through the Millennia

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It is literally on everyone's lips: our diet.

Healthy food and meals are a highly topical subject and an occasion to look at the eating habits of our ancestors at ARCHÄOTECHNICA.

On the first weekend in August, actors from fields such as living history, experimental archaeology and research will share their knowledge of nutrition with us.

We will learn about the preparation methods used by the people of the last Ice Age. The diet of the Mesolithic period will be examined as well as that of the first sedentary farmers. We also take a look at the table settings of the ancient Greeks, Germanic tribes and Celts. Medieval culinary arts and table manners as well as the import of the first exotic spices and tropical fruits are not to be missed. Finally, the early enjoyment of coffee, tea and cocoa takes us back to the Baroque era.

We invite you to join us at ARCHÄOTECHNICA for a look into past pantries.

Admission € 5, reduced € 3.50, families € 10

Children under 10 free