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Blacksmith’s Meeting

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From the 24th to the 26th of May 2019, for the first time a blacksmith's meeting takes place at the Federseemuseum Bad Buchau in Southern Germany, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.
In a combination of showcase museum with a modern staged permanent exhibition and archaeological open-air area, the Federseemuseum shows the history of the 15,000-year settlement of the Federsee region from the Ice Age to the Iron Age. The authentically reconstructed houses in the open-air area provide a lively venue for history mediation and an ideal stage with a fantastic backdrop for educational activities and demonstrations of prehistoric craftsmanship. Here one experiments, manufactures, shows and explains - and all in front of "running audience". A lively forum to exchange with colleagues and the visitors.


  • Friday, May 24: arrival day, construction and in the evening a cozy, internal get-together.
  • On Saturday, 25.06. we set up a blacksmith competition for all participants. It is for everyone, to make a piece to the motto "100 years Federseemuseum". The most imaginative and best copy will be awarded on Sunday. An interesting suggestion for this is certainly also a look into the cabinet exhibition in the museum for the anniversary "100 years Federseemuseum".
  • On Saturday evening, after a sweaty day, there is the well-deserved "celebration" evening. Four bands play at the open-air concert. For the actors of the blacksmith meeting the entrance is free.
  • On Sunday, 26.05. we will have the award ceremony and at 16.00 clock the cleaning and packing up starts. 

Important to know: An air hammer is provided by the company Angele, coal and gas are provided and a welding place is set up (MAG). Please bring all other required materials (smithy, weather protection, material, food, anvil, tools). Of course, brought along goods may also be sold.