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Have you always wanted to know what nature has to offer in terms of edibles? Then this is your chance! In 2022 the
Hunebedcentrum organizes our foraging workshops, together with experienced instructors Leah & Tim of 'In het Wilde Weg'. Per season you will be taken into nature and you will learn what there is to eat (and drink), both above and below ground. 

Winter – 12 December, 2022
Anyone who thinks that nature in the Netherlands is locked in winter is wrong. There is still a lot of edible food to be found both above and below ground. Think of roots, but also winter green plants such as the small field cress, field sorrel or chickweed.

The plants and activities mentioned are an indication of the workshops. Depending on the weather, certain plants may appear earlier or later. Fortunately, a lot is possible in every season, so there is always a lot to learn.

Time: The workshop is from 10:00 – 12:30
Cost: €42,50 p.p. per workshop. The workshops are targeted at adults. 

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