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International Bushcraft Event

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International Bushcraft Event
the Netherlands

The International Bushcraft Event, will be held some time in 2022 in The Netherlands (Holland). This event will be quite unique in its kind since it will bring instructors from all over the world to the public at one and the same place. As the International Bushcraft Symposium focuses on professionals, the International Bushcraft Event will be focused on the general public.

We have chosen to organise the event in The Netherlands because of possibilities and infrastructure. The event location will be a 30 minutes’ drive from Schiphol (national airport) and can be reached by taxi, bus, train or car. There will be workshops, demo’s, Q&A’s and lectures.

In the days before the event participants can book masterclasses which will be given by top experts. The masterclass will take up from 1 to 3 days, depending on the chosen class. Day prices of the masterclasses are all same. This event will be organised in cooperation with top schools, companies and brands with the goal of sharing and showing the highest quality of the ‘bushcraft world’.