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Making Fire in Old Times Course

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Making Fire like in Old Times

Course objective: Each participant creates his own functional fire set.

Course content: After an introduction to iron processing and a little flint knowledge, we forge fire-hits according to the historical model, manufacture tinder and manufacture leather bags. The function can be tested in practical exercises.

Historical background: Otzi already knew the technique of striking a fire. In his leather bag was a complete fire set, which consisted of tinder sponge, flint and pyrite. When people in the Iron Age discovered that hardened steel produced even better sparks than pyrite, the revolution of the firecrackers began, which only ended with the invention of the matchstick in the 19th century.  

Instructor: Lukas J. Kerbler, MA
Course duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course costs: 130 euros
Material contribution: 35 euros