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Prehistoric Wellness

open for all

Welcome to the wellness center “Zum Steinzeitkamm”. Here you can experience body and beauty care using methods that are thousands of years old. Forget chia seeds and Goji berries: we show you which superfoods have already been growing with us since the Stone Age and what ingredients our Ancestors used for beauty treatments - natural and soothing. Let yourself be pampered!

Program 14:00-17:00
• Prehistoric wellness tour to try out and enjoy, e.g. with
  - Stone Age body painting
  - Superfood and detox
  - Face care like in the Bronze Age
  - Hand care with Roman fragrance oil
• Wellness for the mind: short tours for families on the topic of «wellness and Personal Care », at 2.15, 3.15 and 4.15 p.m.