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ROOT - History and Folklore in the Historical Park

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Imagine a huge Thracian square. There is a colorful dance on it and everyone is dressed in costumes. You are in the dance - you dance crazy in an uneven rhythm, fascinated by the mastery of the musicians ...

Imagine a magnificent Thracian palace. In front of him are some of the best professional dancers and musicians in Bulgaria and you enjoy the performance from the first row ...

Imagine how the ancient Thracians and the Bulgarians of the early Middle Ages came to life before your eyes and made you empathize with their customs, rites, military work, and a majestic falcon greets you with its dignified posture.

Imagine walking around and getting to know the epochs of Thracians, Proto-Bulgarians, Slavs, Bulgarians from the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, while a sweet-spoken narrator conveys their customs, life and life.

And now imagine a village with Bulgarian yurts, where the fire in the hearth plays its midnight dance, the crack of burning wood gently caresses your ears, while you say sweet conversation with faithful comrades, smiling and satisfied with the experience - completely immersed in the authentic atmosphere.

On June 25th, small and large - all dancers from all over the region and beyond meet in the "Historical Park" to join the largest and most colorful dance on the beautiful Thracian Square. 

If you love history and folklore, then this event is just for you!

If you love Bulgarian folk music and dances, then this event is just for you!

If you carry the Bulgarian root in your heart, then this event is just for you!

We put on the costumes, put on the shirts with wonderful embroideries, just like on a big holiday, hold hands, and the dance will be charged with Bulgarian energy that will fill the universe !!!