heritage management

Discussion: Heritage in Times of War - part 2

Oleksandr Didyk
Iryna Stasiuk
Evgeny Sinytsia
Maryan Ivanochko
The difficulties I face in my work are the same that all people in Ukraine live with: interruptions to the supply of electricity and communications and complicated logistics. This affects both education and causes difficulties in planning and holding public events. The biggest problem in terms of professional activity at the moment is the impossibility of ...

Discussion: Heritage in Times of War - part 1

Andriy Kotlyarchuk
Vladyslav Chabanyuk
Volodymyr Ilkiv
Andrij Petrauskas
Olga Postnikova
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With the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, along with the preservation of the integrity of the state and the preservation of people's lives, the issues of preserving cultural heritage and national identification became acute. The museums and nature reserves that did not fall under the occupation did not stop working...

Facilitated Dialogue: An Emerging Field of Museum Practice

Foteini Venieri
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The notion of dialogue is considered essential in contemporary museology. Since the 1970’s, when Cameron (1971) put forward the idea of museums as forums rather than temples, dialogue is linked to the process of democratization of museum functions and narratives and the inclusion of local communities (Sandell, 2002). Nowadays, “the idea of museum as a forum is widespread” (Kirschenblatt-Giblett, 2020)...

The Effect of Climate Change in Experimental Archaeology

David Freeman
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When you are planning your experiment how many of you think of the climate and whether it matches the period that your experiment is based in? Depending on the type of experiment there are many factors that may influence the results. You need to consider parameters such as; humidity, ambient temperature...

Museums as Good Places

David Anderson
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OpenArch Conference - 25 May 2015, Cardiff
In 1903 the American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie offered the then enormous sum of $2,500,000 to the trustees of a fund which he had created for the citizens of the city of Dunfermline, Scotland, the place of his birth. He instructed these trustees to use the money to enhance the lives of the people of the city...

A Field Trip to the Ukraine, April 2010

Roeland Paardekooper
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In April 2010, a conference took place at Olevsk, which was a good occasion to go to Kyiv and meet Dr Andrey Petrauskas of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss the plans for reconstructions at three archaeological sites, to set it in perspective of other reconstructions elsewhere...