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Archaeological Spring in Biskupin

open for all

We will open the new tourist season with a bang! We invite you for a picnic to Biskupin. "Archaeological spring" is an event during which our park wakes up after the winter and teems with new spring life. Exhibitors and workshops will be waiting for visitors, including flintstone, prehistoric and early medieval weaving, pottery, and making decorations worn by the inhabitants of the "Defensive Settlement on the Peninsula" from the late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, tasting of ancient cuisine, games and dexterity games , there will be early medieval  wars and their battles . This event is the perfect time for a first picnic. Remember that we have a new picnic area in the park. Get a blanket and basket full of treats to rest and eat while visiting our Museum in lovely circumstances.

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WGS84 – 52° 47′ 4″ N, 17° 44′ 36″ E (52.784444, 17.743333)
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Biskupinie
Biskupin 17
88-410 Gąsawa