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Day of Lower Austrian Archaeology

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On the Day of Lower Austrian State Archeology on June 1, 2024, renowned scientists at the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach present their archaeological research results of the past year and provide a variety of insights into their work. The temporal arc stretches extends from the Mesolithic to the 10th century AD and covers around 40,000 years Story. The approximately 30-minute lectures offer a diverse overview of current archaeological issues, research situation and enable the direct exchange of findings and experiences. The latest research from Lower Austria that goes beyond the boundaries and are relevant beyond the federal state and enjoy international recognition.

• Doris Jetzinger: How do you write a landscape biography? A diachronic study of Landscape history of the Kreuttal microregion

• Volker Lindinger/Julia Längauer/Klara Sauter: Not ordered, but picked up. One Middle Neolithic circular ditch complex on a linear ceramic settlement site in Zwentendorf an der Zaya

• Günther Karl Kunst/Matthias Sudi/Alfred Galik: Beaver, Barb, Bear – Urnfield Period Animal remains from Groß-Enzersdorf

• Tabea Truntschnig: The Urnfield period ceramic vessel depot in Ebreichsdorf

• Maria Hackl: An early Iron Age flute? The music archaeological investigation of one decorated bone artifact from Großrust, Lower Austria

• Anna and Fritz Preinfalk: A ritual ax from an early La Tène grave in Walpersdorf

• Peter C. Ramsl/Friederike Novotny/Thomas Koch Waldner/Leona Kohl/Michaela Spannagl-Steiner: Traisental meets Gallia Cisalpina - La Tène burial grounds in comparison. The FWF project CATA – Celts Across The Alps

• Benedict Seidl: They're crazy, the men! Avar Age spindle whorls reconsidered

• Hajnalka Herold: A gold-plated disc brooch from Gars-Thunau, Lower Austria. Supraregional networks of elites from the 9th to 10th centuries in Europe

Title, times & location: Lower Austrian State Archeology Day
Saturday, June 1, 2024, from 9:30 a.m
MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach, Waldstraße 44-46, 2130 Mistelbach

Price per person (including conference proceedings): €20
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