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Fashion Through the Ages

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Archeon is all about fashion through the ages. There are several special demonstrations and activities.

In prehistoric times we weaved with vegetable fibers, such as nettle, flax and tree bark. In addition, wool is dyed and we will spin and weave with wool. You can also learn how to jump yourself this weekend. That is the oldest way of braiding that we know. In the special prehistoric clothing exhibition, different clothing is shown that is made of linden bark. In the Bronze Age it is shown how textiles can be dyed with the plants that were there in prehistoric times. 

In Roman times you could stamp textiles. You can also have your picture taken in Roman clothing at the Domus. There are also various demonstrations of crafts and various Roman clothing styles are shown in the bathhouse. Roman hairstyles are shown in the Domus and the Roman legionnaires show how to make a hauberk. 

In the Middle Ages, demonstrations are given of embroidery, spinning and weaving, tape weaving and card weaving and felting. The shoemaker is working the leather in his craft house. A medieval company shows late medieval clothing. 

Of course, in the Middle Ages there was a special place for the most famous footwear in the Netherlands: the clog. The oldest clog found dates from the 13th century. Justus Vriend, Janneke Zuyderwyk and Gerald Getkate are clog makers and will be demonstrating the craft of making clogs by hand this weekend. In the Netherlands there are only a few people who master and demonstrate manual clog making. They make the Twente men's and women's clog. You can recognize these by the points on the nose.