Calendar of Events

International Iron Smelting Days

the Netherlands

The annual Iron Smelting Days are the largest gathering of its kind in Europe, with blacksmiths, artists and archaeologists gathering around a dozen or so iron smelting furnaces.  It is a unique chance to learn a lot in very short time about the process of producing iron in the old days. Since 2004, groups of enthusiasts from all over Europe have been researching the iron production of wrought iron in different types of bloomeries (smelting furnace). Each year, this group meets elsewhere in Europe to exchange experiences and tries to make wrought iron using local ore and materials. The group does not have a head organisation, so the meetings are organised by local groups. 

making iron with:

  • the Local Ore
  • the Local Loam
  • the Local Charcoal

... with you own type furnace en methodes, so can compare the results and discuss why we see unexpected differences.

Location is PreHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven (NL)