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Making Leather Quivers for Arrows

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Course objective: Making a quiver for arrows

Course content: We cut the leather and make a quiver for arrows. Tip: In the "Build Arrows" course, arrows can be made that you can keep in the quiver you have made yourself.

Historical background: Quivers are used to store arrows. Their use goes back thousands of years, and a well-preserved leather quiver was even found on the glacier mummy Ötzi. Made of leather because all of the hunted animals used to be used. Although the processing methods and uses of leather have varied over time, quivers are still traditionally made from leather.

Participation: from 18 years

Instructor: Sebastian Haupt

Course duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Course costs: 90 euros

Material costs: 60-70 euros

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