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Primitive Pottery and Skills Gathering

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Primal Survival

Please join us for a weekend of fun and learning!

Welcome to the 1st annual primitive pottery and skills gathering sponsored by Primal-Survival. We are honored to be part of the small community keeping age old traditions alive. Our gathering will be held on a 200 acre privately owned farm, nestled in the rolling hills of Walkersville, Maryland. Festivities begin at 12:00 (noon) Friday, September 17th. You can sign up here. Primitive campsites and firewood are available and provided for all guests. Activities include:

  • 3 day, start-to-finish, primitive pottery course with Kayce Heister

  • Knapping pit and demonstration and bark tanning class with Guy Neal

  • Morning bow shoot

  • Indian trade blanket

  • and more!

A community dinner will also be provided Saturday evening. You can check out the daily agenda here.  We ask that all participants bring your own camping gear, water, etc. and dress appropriately for outdoor weather conditions.

The entrance fee is $95.00 for adults and $35 for children under 12. The exact address will be provided once you have paid the entrance fee. Signage and / or balloons will be placed at the entrance to alert you that you are at the correct location.  This will be an exciting weekend spent walking through the past, honoring the once great life of our ancestors. See you there!!

Guy & Kayce