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Primitive Archers' Meeting


On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Horsebows: Archaeology. Reconstruction. Experiment ", which will take place from April 13 to November 24, 2019 at the MAMUZ Schloss Asparn / Zaya, the museum will host a Primitive Bowyer's Meeting. The exhibition is developed in cooperation with Zengő Nyìl Íjász Egyesület and the archers of MTIT Magyar Történelmi Íjásztártaság, who will be bringing the craft of equestrian bow making to the guests of MAMUZ on 13 and 14 April. This weekend will also serve as a platform for knowledge sharing among skilled bow makers and beginners. We invite you to actively participate, to talk about your own projects and to get in direct contact with the international bow making scene.

Fast Facts

- If there are enough interested people who want to give a lecture or show something, we are happy to prepare a program for this weekend. Please announce at registration.

- MAMUZ provides lunch for the participating bow makers.

- In fair weather, the event takes place outdoors, in bad weather in the houses of the outdoor area.

- Tables and chairs can be provided. Please request at registration.

- For guests the regular entrance fees apply.

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