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With Wolf Tooth and Belt Box

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Guided Tour

Adornment through the millennia

Whether it's a pair of beautiful earrings, a good wristwatch, a piercing or a tattoo - we like to decorate ourselves in many different ways. Of course, accessories and body jewelry reveal a lot about the wearer and owner. Age, taste in fashion, but also belonging to a (sub)culture and the size of your wallet can be seen in you.

It was no different in times past. As early as the Middle Stone Age, necklaces made of animal teeth and sewn-on antler and shells embellished the look of our ancestors.

In this guided tour you will find out when amber beads, arm and leg mounts, torques and temple rings were particularly popular and what they say about the former owners.

Time: 11:00
Admission 5 € | reduced €3.50
No tour fee